Rick Koster
Founder & CEO LeaderScope

In 2013, I founded LeaderScope with the urge to create programs and interventions that make an impact on serious issues. During my work as biology teacher at a multicultural high school in Amsterdam, I joined the Leadership Group to support leaders in their personal development and communication. In leadership programs in Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East, I share my passion for interpersonal communication, creativity, presentation and non-verbal communication. In supporting others to unleash the best of themselves, my credo is: feel positive, think creative.

Yori Kamphuis
Leadership and communication advisor

In what I do, I look for passion in others. Making things happen. Striving for goals with passion.

It is my goal to help provide solutions for the challenges our world faces. And to spread positive energy. Through sharing thoughts, running a business, collaborating and creating mutual understanding in our changing world.

Specialties: Cyber Security, Team building, People management, Leadership, Motivational speaking.

Jonathan Gosling
Professor of Leadership

I research and teach leadership in many circumstances – currently working on the leadership of malaria elimination strategies; leadership of supply-chain innovation in large companies in China and elsewhere (especially food and natural-resource sectors); leadership of academic and other knowledge-intensive forms of work; and so on. I have been Distinguished Visiting Professor in Leadership Development at Insead in France and in 2014 hold an Otto Mønsted Professorship at Copenhagen Business School. I have been a visiting scholar at McGill, Lund and Auckland.

I am also an activist for changing my own industry – management education. I co-founded the One Planet MBA at Exeter University, and am now helping other business schools that want to do something similar. I also played a significant role in founding, designing and running a number of innovative programs, including the IMPM now run from McGill University in Quebec. Each year I direct a one-week workshop integrating management education with managerial practice.

Millie Gietman
Planner and coordinator at LeaderScope

I am the planner and coordinator at LeaderScope.

My ambition is to give entrepreneurs and leaders the support that they need for the ambitious plans that unwillingly remain on the shelve.

I make sure they can concentrate on their core business  – I’ll organise the rest. I believe it’s about the little things and details, that is why I strive for smart customized support.

Elsa Regan
Coach, facilitator and trainer at LeaderScope

I am deeply passionate about human psychology, emotional intelligence and relational intelligence. I believe in the power of self-awareness, vulnerability and authenticity, and this is reflected in my interactions with my clients.

My work is focused on enabling people (individually and collectively) to find what deeply matters to them, to define meaningful commitments and to act on those commitments.

As an experienced executive coach, I support leaders in their personal & professional development and I support teams in becoming more effective. Additionally to individual and team coaching / facilitation, I have a solid experience in designing and deploying division-wide multi-country leadership training programmes within Corporate multinational environments.

Louise Mennen
Trainer and consultant at LeaderScope

During my career as a scientist I encountered only a handful good leaders. In order improve this, I started to give training in leadership. I love to help people reflect on their behaviour and see possibilities for change. I get inspired by their personal stories, especially during International leadership programmes in Europe and Africa. I enjoy seeing people grow and challenge themselves to take the next step.

My vision is to inspire people, by helping them to open hidden doors, so that they can see their inner strenght and beauty, needed to face their challenges.