The world needs you as a brave leader for positive change

We believe in people who want to create movement, who want to do the right thing.

That is why we offer insight and perspective to courageous leaders who dare to face themselves and their environment. Who want to move forward. Who can make difficult choices in complex situations. Who get their people on board because they stand for something – and stand for it. We believe they will make a difference. They come first to make sure we leave the world better than how we found it.

This trinity is the essence of our approach

Real change requires genuine interconnection. Only then can you properly determine exactly what you are doing it for. Together you get the purpose – the cause – clear that gives direction and energy. If you work as one leadership team from that common goal, the energy will flow into your organization. The concrete actions and steps that lead to change are then easier to see and make.

Our programs

    • Organizations in transition

      The great strength of organizations is unleashed when you look beyond the status quo. There is often so much more possible! Together we explore unexplored territory and create new mutual connections. We guide the leaders of organizations on their way to a world full of new energy and decisiveness.

    • Leaders in transition

      The greatest strength of you as a leader is your individuality. In our leadership programs you take a candid look inside yourself. You discover how you can stay close to that individuality and how you can also offer others new perspectives from there. You learn to trust your authentic, internal authority. We liberate your talents, we broaden your outlook.

    “LeaderScope is a network of trainers, coaches and facilitators who drive leaders to change. Together we have more than 120 years of experience in leadership development, team development, organizational and system change.”

    Who we work for

    • Nudge

      The Nudge Global Impact Challenge is an annual 9-month development program for ninety promising young professionals between the ages of 23 and 33 from all over the world. 

    • SaKS Academy

      Sharpen the visions of the schools, get the teams involved in the development, and strengthen collective leadership in the schools and between the schools.

    • Chairman of the Works Council

      In a series of coaching sessions, one of our coaches works on his presence and expressiveness to search for the place he wants and can occupy in the hospital.

    • EIT

      Develop a leadership program that connects people in key positions into a powerful collective.

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