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Our approach

We start every trajectory, program or training from the idea: meet them where they are. Your values, your style, your needs and your emotions are leading: you are and you are the program. We therefore always design our programs in co-creation with you.

“We go for personal customization for both the longer guide trajectories and the short leadership programs.”

Guidance trajectories: getting started with change

You have a vision, or a sense of direction. You work in your own organization and feel that more is possible or that more is needed. Other leaders around you also have that idea. In short, it gnaws and bubbles.

Unraveling complex organizational issues requires an open mind. We will discover with you which issues are essential. Often it is a combination of more leadership, more cooperation, a clearer direction, more inspiration. Where do you start then?

If necessary, we explore and clarify the undercurrent. What was not discussed at first will be discussed – so that you can get moving. We let you look differently and tap new energy and creativity. We let you learn by doing.

We work with teams based on a number of the principles of deep democracy. The essence is that the diversity of people and insights in the group comes into its own. You make decisions with attention and appreciation for other views, so that you can make the wisest decision. You deal with conflicts and you resolve them until the undercurrent is clean. Result: real, open connection with each other.

From there we look together for the cause – that task that really matters to you. To this end, we ask as many colleagues, customers, parents or patients as possible to share their best ideas. Together we see through the lines and the source to arrive at one cause, one vision.

The power of a good cause is its simplicity. A single sentence that points the way for the time to come, and that gives energy and pleasure. From there, the leadership team makes choices to move forward and empower colleagues.

Guidance processes last six months to a year. We do these routes with groups of 6 to 60 people.

Leadership programs and coaching: working individually and in teams

Why would people follow you? The answer to that question is within you. Leadership from your individuality – your qualities, your talents – is the basis. Our approach is aimed at enabling you to find that individuality, to remove internal blockages and to free your specific talents.

The starting point is usually the reflection on first impressions: how do you come across, which qualities immediately stand out? And how do you make better use of your specific characteristics? Together we look for fine-tuning: which qualities can you show more and more often and which ones can you put more into the background. And which vulnerability makes you more human and approachable, so that you bind even more people to you?

Leadership programs that we design together with our clients vary from 2 to 6 days. For example, if you want to prepare a presentation or application with us, we will work in 2 or 3 sessions of 3 hours, depending on your specific questions.

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