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We work with organizations and leaders who are looking for change. They want to set their organization in motion or ensure that their teams work with more enthusiasm and purpose. Or they notice that things are not going well in their team or organization and want it to flow again. We also work with leaders who want to further develop their own leadership and bring it even more individuality and color.

Where we work is diverse: in education, healthcare, food and finance. In government, in science and in IT. From sparkling start-ups to renowned family businesses that have existed for more than a century. Sustainability is regularly the reason for a process.

We are always looking for the right combination of trainers, coaches, facilitators and change agents who support change. Our team revolves around leaders to encourage, mirror and develop new perspectives. Below you can see a number of examples of recent projects. We would love to hear what we can do for you.

“Working with Rick Koster from LeaderScope goes in an atmosphere of disarmament. If he guides a change process or vision trajectory, it is substantively strong and focused on the future. No quick, superficial interventions, but making sustainable, supported choices – that’s what it’s all about. Rick has guided presentation training as well as a process around leadership and vision; he coordinates well with me as a client, puts his vision alongside or against it and is a very valuable discussion partner in the change processes. ”

Pauline Wenderich, rector Almende College, Achterhoek VO


The Nudge Global Impact Challenge is an annual 9-month development program for ninety promising young professionals between the ages of 23 and 33 from all over the world. Interactive online sessions, peer coaching, personal coaching and two intensive face-to-face days are all about leadership, sustainability and impact. These comprehensive topics are turned inside out through a unique approach and in unprecedented forms. The question that the participants gradually answer is: how do you achieve impact, using all your leadership qualities? Ninety friends for life develop the mindset, insights and skills to make a difference and create impact from a burning motivation. The Challenge forms the basis of a network of like-minded, change-minded peers from all over the world. LeaderScope develops and facilitates the Challenge program. We guide the participants in creating more impact on sustainability in their own organization or environment.

“Once you have worked with Rick, it is difficult to find his equal. He is a versatile professional who knows how to hit one as well as a thousand people just as easily. By asking thoroughly beforehand, he always knows how to choose the right approach from his enormous arsenal. Rick and LeaderScope guarantee the development of talent and organization. He brings out what you yourself did not know was necessary. He is constantly driven, disarming with a smile and painfully honest when he has to.”

Igor Verretas, manager education & development, SaKS

SaKS Academie

SaKS is an organization of fourteen primary schools in Alkmaar and Bergen (North Holland). SaKS is a progressive foundation that believes that education should be much more about tomorrow. And about the day after that. SaKS wants to offer children the basis for a healthy and happy future by giving them the opportunity to ‘become who they are’. Not only for themselves but also for the world in which they live. SaKS formulated this purpose a number of years ago together with LeaderScope. Now SaKS wants to work even more strongly from that intention, so that every colleague, parent and student is aware of it. SaKS has asked LeaderScope to sharpen the visions of the schools, to get the teams involved in the development, and to strengthen collective leadership in the schools and between the schools.

“Rick always knows how to touch the people in our groups. With his keen powers of observation and humor, and in a very accessible way, he captures what was already visible but had no words yet. Recognizable, to the point and insightful. His contributions are always greatly appreciated and add great value to our programs. ”

Monique Hammink, director Avicenna Academie voor Leiderschap

Chairman of the Works Council

After a long international career, an orthopedic surgeon applies for the chairmanship of the hospital’s works council and is elected. He is 62 years old, has worked all over the world and has led various departments. The chairmanship of the Works Council is a way for him to put the wealth of experience he has gained at the service of the entire organization – a nice end to his career, he thinks.

Yet he soon notices that this new position gives him uncertainty. How do I handle this? How do I relate to the rest of the Works Council, to the Board of Directors, to my colleagues? In a series of coaching sessions, one of our coaches works on his presence and expressiveness to search for the place he wants and can occupy in the hospital. With another coach, he goes more inwardly so that he makes personal and professional blockages that have not been exposed before visible to himself. At the end he indicates that he feels strengthened and finds extra strength to tackle this ‘last job’ with an open mind.

“Rick’s very open and committed personality, combined with his high level of expertise, makes working with him a special experience. The feedback on a very short presentation that I received from Rick during our first meeting was so striking that since then I have realized even more how important it is to know what impression you make on others. Questions such as ‘who am I?’, ‘Who do I want to be’ and ‘what am I showing?’ are central to this. In addition, Rick can offer a very good starting point to improve cooperation in teams – always from a positive basic attitude. For example, a comment from Rick that I have applied for years now is: “Don’t talk about addressing behavior, but about discussing behavior. It seems like a small thing but that makes conversations a lot easier and easier to conduct. ”

Liesbeth Joosten-van der Veen, Deputy Chief Officer Noord-Nederland, Openbaar Ministerie


EIT Food is a prominent European initiative in the field of food innovation with the aim of making the entire food system structurally more sustainable, healthier and fairer. One of the biggest challenges: in all kinds of places and positions in the food system, very passionate ‘change agents’ are at work who still have limited ability to find each other and make an impact together.

EIT Food has asked LeaderScope to develop an intensive year-long leadership program that connects people in key positions into a powerful collective. The change agents, innovators and accelerators are encouraged through the leadership program of EIT and LeaderScope to pool their expertise, network and passion to rewrite together ‘the rules and structures’ in the food system.

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Almende College
Daniel de Brouwerschool
European Nutrition Leadershop Program (ENLP)
Fresh Forward
Gemeente Gouda
Gemeente Heerhugowaard
Gemeente Rotterdam
Grip op finance
Hout- en Meubileringscollege
LEV scholengroep
Lorentz Center
M&I Partners
Ministerie van I&W
Modehuis Blok
PKF Wallast
PLAN (Marokko)
Provincie Noord-Holland
Roots and bees
SVOPL (Stichting Voortgezet Onderwijs Parkstad Limburg)
Universiteit Gent
Universiteit Utrecht
VC Walterbosch Scholengemeenschap
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