Organizations in transition

We are the guides in your transition.

We are close to your practice during change and lead the way together with leaders in your organization.

“We want to realize our vision together. We want to strengthen the bottom of our collaboration because half of our team has been renewed in the past two years. We do this together with LeaderScope. ”

Together with leaders, we create the path during change.
As a management or MT you know: you need vision, direction. We sharpen that vision together. We create a safe and challenging environment in which everyone can vividly see what they are doing it for. Mutual trust is increasing. Decisions are given more decisiveness and inspiration. You work with the same people, but as a whole new team: we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Ons team

  • Rick Koster

    Rick Koster

    Founder & CEO LeaderScope

  • Yori Kamphuis

    Leadership and communication advisor

  • Jonathan Gosling

    Professor of Leadership


    Millie Gietman

    Planner and coordinator

  • Elsa Regan

    Coach, facilitator and trainer

  • Louise Mennen

    Louise Mennen

    Trainer and consultant

“The combined strength of Nudge and LeaderScope ensures that the participants experience a ‘life changing experience’, which in many cases turns out to be decisive for the steps they take afterwards. Working with Rick and his team feels like building something that really belongs to us together. ”

Ilse Lettinga, manager Nudge Global Impact Challenge

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