On our expeditions, we take you and your team to places where the transition that you search for in your own environment, already exist.

Based on your desired transition:

We liberate talents
We work in different settings to uncover, release and develop the talents present in the team.

We bring team wisdom to life
We bring the wisdom of your team to life. We search for maximum trust, realness, understanding and self-confidence within the team to be able to take the leap forward.

We explore new worlds
We explore new worlds that demonstrate the potential to transform your own organization. These worlds could be the world of your client, of a competitor and other organizations that are ahead of you. Or we ask children to bring fresh ideas. We search for people who have been through the transition that you are about to start. What can you see, feel and learn when you step into the world that you want to create?

We make it real
Based on the insights in individual talents, team wisdom and the images of the new world, we create a movement plan. This plan maps out how your organization is going to make the transformation happen. Criteria for an effective plan are simplicity and impact. We search for commitment of everyone involved.

Let’s explore together!


How can you stimulate change?
“Plan a surprise.” “Make it fun.” “Just do it.”
– Children at the age of 10.